Thermal Printer Shield for Arduino

AS-289R2 is a Thermal Printer Shield directly connectable to your Arduino shield, ARM mbed, Raspberry Pi and Gadget Renesas. It was created by Takehiro Yamaguchi in Kobe, Japan and produced by Nada Electronics, LTD. The AS-289R2 is the industry's most advanced two-inch thermal printer (58mm) with a print speed of 25mm/sec and an effective printing area of 48mm. Moreover, you will soon be able to buy it because the Thermal Printer Shield will be released this December!

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About the Author
Takehiro Yamaguchi was born and raised in Kobe, Japan, a region where they needed tremendous support from all over the world to relief the victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. From a very young age, his hobby was electric tools and electric engineering. He pursued his passion at university by studying biotechnology before starting to work. He has been working in the electronic industry for 25 years and now works in the development department at Nada Electronics Corporation. There, he has been putting a great deal of effort in electronic counting device (coins and balls) for the Japanese slot machines Pachinko before creating his own project: the Thermal Printer Shield, AS-289R2.

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How did you come on the idea of the printer shield?
When my SD card suddenly broke and that I had lost everything, I got very frustrated. I then started looking for an alternative for SD cards and developed the Thermal Printer Shield. I thought that the origin of "recording" was nothing else than "paper".
You know, Arduino made me go back to a more fundamental perspective and I sincerely hope that the Thermal Printer Shield will become a new recording media for Arduino.

Which researches did you make?
I did some schematic design, software design, chassis design, cardboard box selection and screw selection, which should be quite everything.

How did you build it?
The company I work for is an industrial printer maker. Therefore, I had no difficulty finding the parts I needed to create my own project. I first started putting all the necessary parts on top of my Arduino board, just like kids building logo blocks. Then, I developed the parts for the structure and the control board and the Thermal Printer Shield was born.

How much time did it take you to make it real?
It took me about 10 months to create the printer, going from development to final production.

Which application fields do you see for the printer shield?
Actually, I am very curious to know how the consumers would use my product. Nowadays, it seems a little bit old-fashioned to use a printer because everything is paperless these days. I think that maybe people would like to use it as an IoT printer, for example as a mail printer or perhaps a Twitter printer. In fact, I am very happy to tell you that other creators have used my printer shield to develop some other nice little projects. You can find them on the main website and other people are very welcome to share their projects with us.

- Yu-Sha Kobo: Gadget shot

Arduino ThermalPrinterShield_Project_1

- Shimotsuna: Chart printer

Arduino ThermalPrinterShield_Project_2

- Wagtail: Message printer

Arduino ThermalPrinterShield_Project_3

When will it be available for sell?
AS-289R2 is scheduled to go on sale through our partner company "Switch Science" on December 2015. The printer is also scheduled to be on display at the System Control Fair 2015, in Tokyo Big Site from December 2nd to 4th, 2015. As to the older model (AS-289R) it had been released on December 2013 from Switch Science also.

Arduino ThermalPrinterShield_3

Links for the AS-289R2
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Links for the AS-289R (only Japanese available)
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