WAV Sound Player & Recorder Shield for Arduino

SoundDuino, Audio shield for Arduino

Do you remember our article about the VGAduino, graphic shield for Arduino? Well, this time we would like to present you the new project of the electronics engineer and micro controller programmer expert, Masih Vahida: the WAV Sound Player & Recorder Shield for Arduino. This sound shield let you record and play sound files to or from a Micro-SD memory card with all libraries and samples for the Arduino IDE.

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Federico Musto, Arduino's CEO

The power of the Arduino community

"The beauty of community is that it is bigger than the biggest company in the world, even Foxconn. So it is really interesting to see how the community is diversified by people from different backgrounds—students, engineers, professors, and startups. Usually, people come from companies that compete with each other, but in this open-source community, they don’t really care. There are no borders. It is really a worldwide organization." Federico Musto

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ARTIC 3D Printer using Arduino Mega

ARTIC 3D Printer using Arduino Mega

Finding it very hard to assemble the 3D Printer he just bought, Dokyoon Kim decided to build and design his own: the easiest 3D printer that non-expert people could use. All the structures were made by a 3D printer using also other components such as the Arduino Mega 2560, Ultra crystal LCD, Step Motor, E3D Nozzle, power supply, etc. Even if the project is not an open source yet, his creator has the will to make it an open project, to let anybody improve the model in their own way.

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Teen builds a full-scale Cessna Cockpit using Oculus Rift & Arduino

Boy builds a full-scale Cessna Cockpit with Oculus Rift & Arduino

It is a wonderful lesson of life that 17 year old maker and inventor Aidan Fay teaches us with his incredible Cessna 172 cockpit project. After having been forbidden of flying solo by the FAA because of medical condition, he decided to fight for his dreams and built his own full-scale flight simulator using an Oculus rift, an Arduino Mega and various other components.

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Arduino New Website update

New Website update

Many of you might have noticed that we recently modified our website and have updated some new layouts on a few pages. The reason of this change, is that we would like to help you navigate through our website to find the content you are searching for in just one click. We have therefore reorganized and improved some features of the website.

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