Manual installation of Arduino IDE drivers on Windows

To install manually the drivers of an Arduino boards on Windows follow these steps: 
- Connect the board to PC via USB cable. 
- Select Device Manager>Ports(COM & LPT). 

Windows Device Manager 

- Click on your board. 
- Select the field: Driver. 
- Click on: Update Driver. 

Driver Details menu 

- Choose the label: Browse my computer for driver software. 

Browse my computer for driver software 

- Select the option: Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. 

Browse for driver software on your computer 

- Click on: Have Disk. 

Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware 

- Select: Browse. 

Select Arduino 1.7.x>Drivers folder 

- Indicate the folder "Arduino 1.7.8>Drivers>Arduino-org.inf" and click on su Open button. 

Select arduino-org.inf file 

- Click: OK. 

Confirm the selection 

- Go: Next. 

Install the driver 

- Wait installing driver software. 

Driver installation 

- Completed the installing driver it will be shown this image: 

Driver installation completed 

If you aren't using the Arduino Uno then you must repeat the previous procedure but in bootloader mode. 
- Open Device Manager. 
- Click one time if you are using a board with Microcontroller ATSAMD21G18A (Arduino M0/M0 Pro/Zero) or two time if you are using a board with Microcontroller ATMEGA 32U4 (Arduino Yun/Yun Mini/Micro/Robot/Esplora/Leonardo) on Reset button. 
- Now it will be appears on Device Manager an Unknown Device. 
- Select this device and to install manually the driver following the previous procedure shown in this guide. 
- Wait the completion. 
- Close the Device Manager . 
- Now you can open the Arduino IDE to upload the sketches on your board; remember to select the correspondent Port andBoard when using the Arduino IDE. 
If you have followed the guide but you have still the drivers issue, then try to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement following this other guide: 
Guide to Disable Arduino IDE Driver Signature Enforcement for Windows