Arduino Esplora Library


The Arduino Esplora has a set of functions for easily interfacing with the sensors and actuators mounted on the board. The functions are accessible through the Esplora class. The library offers easy access to the data from the onboard sensors, and provides the ability to change the state of the outputs. The sensors available on the board are: *2-Axis analog joystick *center push-button of the joystick *4 push-buttons *microphone *light sensor *temperature sensor *3-axis accelerometer *2 TinkerKit input connectors The actuators available on the board are: *bright RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED *piezo buzzer 2 TinkerKit output connectors NOTE: If you're using the Arduino IDE version 1.0.3 or earlier, you will need to download the latest version of this library, or get it from the Arduino gitHub repository.

Based on the reference originally written by Arduino Community, and