Drag and drop programming for Arduino Primo

When you connect the Arduino Primo to PC, the board is view as a Mass Storage:


You can upload a sketch using the drag and drop programming-

Follow the steps below:

  • Connect the board to PC;
  • Launch the Arduino IDE;
  • Select a sketch;
  • Verify the code;
  • Control the path of the file_merged.hex;


  • Copy and paste the file_merged.hex on the Arduino Primo


Once the update is complete the drive will be remounted. If a failure occurs during programming a new file, FILE.txt, will appear in the folder. This file will contain information about the failure.

  • Finally disconnect and connect the board again.
Now the sketch runs on board.

Drag and drop programming can also be used to upgrade the STM32 firmware. If a new version of the firmware is released, enter in bootloader mode from STM32 by pressing USER2 button while powering the board up.
A new drive named PRIMO_BOOT will appear and USER2_LED will lit. Drag and drop the new firmware file in PRIMO_BOOT folder. If programming went fine the Primo board will leave bootloader mode and will start running the new firmware. Otherwise the folder will contain FAIL.txt file with an explanation of what went wrong.