Connection point to point with a TFTP server for Windows users

In this guide it is shown as to realize a connection point to point between an Arduino Yun and a TFTP Server, using a Windows PC. 
Follow these steps:

1) Download the files that you want to transfer.

2) Download and install a TFTP server: 
- You can use Windows TFTP Utility, download it here
- Install the tool as administrator. 
TFTPUtil GUI: License 
TFTPUtil GUI: Installation Options 
TFTPUtil GUI: Installation Folder 
TFTPUtil GUI: Installation completed

3) Connections: 
- Not connect the PC to the network; 
- Connect the Arduino Yun to PC via USB cable; 
- Connect the Arduino Yun to PC via LAN cable; 
Arduino Yun 
4) Setting: 
- Go to Control panel>Network and Internet>Network Connections, as shown in the below image: 
Network Connections menu 
- Select Ethernet and click on right taste of mouse and click again on Proprieties: 
Ethernet menu 
- Doubble click on Internet Protocol version4 (TCP/IPv4); 
Propriety  Ethernet menu 
- Set the Static IP, as shown in the below picture (in this example IP: 
Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) menu

5) Set the TFTP server: 
- Open Windows TFTP Utility and set it: 
TFTPUtil  application 
- Select the path of your files. 
TFTPUtil GUI: root folder 
TFTPUtil GUI: Options 
- Set the ip address (the same ip static address 
TFTPUtil GUI: Settings 
- Click OK when you finish the setting; 
TFTPUtil GUI actived 
- Check that the Server is working.

6) Now, from serial monitor, set the address: 
- Upload the YunSerialTerminal sketch from the File>Example>Bridge menu. 
- Open a Serial terminal, for example putty. 
- Click Yun RST button and type lin when it is requested. 
- Set the address, following the below command:

setenv serverip ‹tftp-server-ip›;
setenv ipaddr ‹linino-board-ip›;

In this example the setting is:

linino>setenv serverip;
linino> setenv ipaddr;

TFTP server setting 
- Test the TFTP server doing a ping, in this example:

linino> ping

Ping TFTP server 
If the ping is successful then follow you can trafer your files else the ping fails then check the server tftp.