Rescue guide for microcontroller ATmega 32u4

If you have a board that can't load the sketch then try to follow these steps: 
- Connect the board to PC; 
- Open the Arduino IDE; 
- Select your board from Tools>Boards menu; 
- Select your device from Tools>Ports menu (if it isn't appears in Arduino IDE continue anyway to follow the below steps); 
- Choose the blink sketch from File>Examples>Basics>Blink menu; 
- Push the Upload button; 
- Look the dashboard down on IDE and push two time the "Reset" button (32U4 RST button for the Arduino Yun and Industrial 101) when appears the PORTS list on dashboard. 
Upload sketch error: Reset the board when appairs the PORTS menu  
This guide can be to use only the board with microcontroller ATMEGA 32u4: