Uploading sketch on IDE via SSH issue on Arduino Yun or Yun Mini

If you have this issue on your Arduino Yun/Yun Mini board when you upload a sketch using Arduino IDE via SSH : 
Upload sketch via SSH   
follow this guide to upgrade the linino OS. 
1) Connect your board via SSH:  
for Linux user using comand Shell: >ssh root@linino.local ; 
for Windows user for example using Putty; 
Putty configuration 
2) Login as "root"; 
Linino Login  
3) Insert the password: doghunter (default or the new password if you have changed it); 
root password 
4) Insert the command: linup 20151003.0 or linup latest; 
Linup latest 
5) Respond "y"; 
Upgrade the board   
6) Wait the loading; 
updating the board   
7) Choose the option"2":Upgrade and revert to default settings; 
Setting upgrade 
8) Wait the end of upgrade. 
In this case the new root password will be “doghunter” without quotes.