Burn the bootloader using an Arduino board as ISP programmer

To burn the bootloader you have two ways or using an external programmer like Atmel MKII or Atmel ICE, or simply using an Arduino board with AVR microcontroller. 
In this guide will be explained step by step how to burn the bootloader using an Arduino board as AVR ISP. 
This procedure can be applied only on boards with AVR microcontroller ( then NOT WORKS on Arduino Due, M0 and M0 Pro). 
Follow these steps to burn the bootloader: 
1) Use an AVR board as Programmer for example an Arduino UNO. 
2) Connect this board, via USB cable, to PC. 
3) Open Arduino.org IDE (you can download here). 
4) Select the correspondent board and the port. 
5) Upload the ArduinoISP sketch from File>Example menu. 
ArduinoISP sketch   
6) Connect the board that you have to program to other board via ISP connector or follow the connection shown in the picture. 
Boards connections 1/2   
Boards connections 2/2   
7) Select the board that you have to program from Tools>Boards IDE menu. 
8) Select "Arduino as ISP" from Tools>Programmer menu. 
Programmer menu    
9) Click on Burn bootloader from tools menu. 
10) Wait the end of procedure. 
Done Burning Bootloader   
Completed the burn bootloader, connect only your programmed Arduino to PC and try to upload a sketch.