Testing procedure for Servo motors of TinkerKit Braccio

Follow this simple steps to verify your Servos:

  • Remove the Servo from Braccio and verify if it works without components connected.
The Servo is really damaged only if it is locked also when it is disconnected to Braccio.
Infact, in case of shock, the Braccio has been designed to break only the corresponding joint.
For this reason there are some joints in the package.

  • Verify the joint:
   - Disassemble the Braccio and check the joint status.
The joint is a little plastic shield between Servo and Braccio.
An example of an joint in good condition is shown in the below image:

In the center of the joint there are some teeth.
   - Verify if they are ruined or if there is some plastic on the Servo gear, in this case replace the joint.

  • Move the Servo in another slot:
   - Connect the Servo in a different slot, for example: 
     the Servo M5 to M6 or the M1 to M2.

Not connect the Servo M1 on the M6 ​​position because the protection circuit on the positions in M1, M2, M3 and M4 is different than in the M5 and M6 positions.

  • Check the Arduino Braccio Shield:
   - If you are using a Braccio Shield V4 (in this version shield there is a small slide switch), make sure that the slide switch is set to the correct position: 
     Vin only for Arduino Yun, Primo and Tian;
     5V for all other boards.