Arduino Store Grand Opening

More than 10 years in the making, Arduino is proud to open its first store in Berlin, Germany with one of our distributors, Allnet.
What began as a solution to electronics prototyping for artists and designers and in general for non-technical audiences has now blossomed into a revived culture of making. As a student, designer Hernando Barragán expressed frustrations in accessibility and cost of these technologies for educators and students. Technology continues to push forward, and at the time, mostly sponsored labs and businesses were able to design, prototype, and produce with electronics.  With Barragán's passion for design and open-source hardware and software, he persevered to make his invention available to everyone who has an interest in prototyping with electronics and software. The ongoing result is an empowered spirit of youth worldwide, creating, designing, inventing, and learning.  Of course, adults have profited as well with the successful increase in hackathons, startups, crowd-funded projects, and technology to benefit humanity.  Arduino is honored to be one of the tools used by educators, inventors, and electronic enthusiasts. 

As the Arduino company heads into 2017, we want to reach out to the community that has in a large part, grown on its own. Numerous websites host Arduino projects created by individuals who choose to share and learn from each other. Makerspaces worldwide bring together people of multiple disciplines to create big projects and prototype ideas for new IoT product companies. For such projects and prototypes, you see Arduino being used everywhere.
Our new store serves as a makerspace workshop, with Arduino and similar maker products from Allnet, like Brick R’ Knowledge using Arduino Nano.  Makers have been waiting for the opportunity to walk into a store, compare Arduino boards, see the newest products, try out fun robot kits, and best of all, attend workshops and events to strengthen the community. True, we’re starting initially in Berlin, but we hope to be able to ripple out further with future collaborations with our distributors. 
For our first event, the store's grand opening, we attracted a great variety of age groups and skill levels to join us for beverages and pizza. Initially our guests explored the store and talked to representatives from Arduino, Allnet, and other guest makers. Then Dr. Michael Knieling, director of Brick’R’knowledge, and Federico Musto, CEO of Arduino, properly welcomed everyone in the workshop space. Tenaya Hurst, the Arduino woman, encouraged the guests, "Think about something you are already passionate about, and let's find an Arduino project to complement your interests."  Federico followed with a detailed profile on each new piece of hardware we are releasing.  The Primo, Otto, Arduino Yun Industrial, new shields and more are already available at the store!
If you are in Berlin, the store is open for business!  If you are visiting Berlin in the near future, participate in one of our workshops!  If you can’t get to Berlin for awhile, we will also be hosting a special week of workshops in Boston and San Jose at our U.S. Arduino offices.  At these 3 locations, take a class from Education Accounts Manager, Tenaya Hurst, and other teachers she is rallying for this special tri-city tour.  More information will be available on our website soon!



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