Tenaya Hurst

About me

Education Accounts Manager for Arduino

The name Tenaya comes from a leader of the Mono Paiute Indians who lived in Yosemite Valley.  Originally from Berkeley California, Tenaya Hurst grew up in the Berkeley hills and in Lafayette California on an organic farm.  A great childhood of growing produce and tending to sheep and chickens, Tenaya also found time to focus on academics.  Influenced by her dad to focus on math and music, while mom encouraged chemistry, English, and art.  Tenaya’s younger brother, Dakota, is also very creative and a maker, so they both benefitted from eclectic parents.

It all came together when Tenaya attended Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana.  Setting out for a B.A. in theatre, she soon added geology and anthropology to her degree, as well as being awarded Phi Beta Kappa.  Many years of successful theatre and film work back in the San Francisco bay area eventually lead up to Tenaya being a lab instructor for the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.  This is where she first discovered what an Arduino was through a wearable tech lab coat project.  The stage was set, and by teaching herself Arduino and pursuing opportunities in the maker community to learn more, she was able to develop the best technique for teaching Arduino to beginners.

Tenaya continues to develop curriculum for all ages and seeks to help get more Arduinos into the hands of educators.  Makerspaces are a growing trend in schools, and all the investment in the equipment and tools (like 3D printers, CNC machines, soldering irons), can be utilized even more when combined with Arduino circuit projects.  New Arduino content ahead this year will feature the best projects developed in Tenaya’s Arduino workshops, accompanied with a libretto for teachers to better lead their own workshop with ease.  When she’s not making wearable tech and curricula, she is rock climbing in Yosemite.